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Hi, here you find a short statement and biography. Scroll down for a timeline of past events.

I graduated from Rotterdam Photo Academy in 2012 and work mainly autonomously. In my photography I display the fulfillment of a piece of intimacy and my path to self-liberation. It is accompanied by curiosity, exploring boundaries, seclusion and desire. The woman is central in my photography. In addition I photograph myself in various capacities. Topics such as power, lust and individualism are recurring.

The images to me work like a diary, in which situations may or may not have been staged. I am sensitive to atmosphere and aesthetics and I like to let my feelings speak in the images. To strengthen that and achieve a correspondence, I mainly make the recordings with a digital pinhole camera. I’d like to mention Antoine d’Agata as a reference, with whom I spent a portfolio weekend in London 2018.

The purpose of my photography is to live things through. To reach a fulfillment in what I want to try out in life. To eventually make these photographic findings public. With this I would want to poetically address the line between pain and pleasure. My ambition is to further expand the work and to bring it to the attention of a broad and international audience.

For me photography was always there. Last century my dad shot thousands of dias with his Kodak Retina. Age twelve I got my first camera. In my adolescence I got schooled as an advertising draftsman and learned how to use the medium format camera, how to develop film and to retouche. Throughout my twenties, I got involved in music, writing and oil painting. But the camera was already glued in my hand. In 2006 I bought my first digital camera. That developed into a crave of making images and to experiment. End of 2009 I was admitted to the Academy of Photography in Rotterdam.

Graduated in 2012, I came from a black and white, rather harsh style of staged portrait photography on topics of lust and power. It was like I gave all my rage to the camera. Until I took up an intense relation with the muse Maris and inaugurated the pinhole cap. My work then shifted to translating emotions rather than staging my ideas. I developed a style of shooting pinhole portraits in low light with long exposure, painting on the face and chest with a moving light source. The light painting combined with pinhole has become a signature.

Timeline of past events
Out of seeing life through the hole extensively comes forth fruit. I’m proud to say I was in exhibitions, competitions and nominations, won prizes, had magazine- and bookpublications like in SHOTS mag and Gup New Photo, exhibited in the prestigious Japanmuseum Sieboldhuis, Leiden. Participated in the first edition of Rotterdam.Photo festival and had several collaborations with fellow alumni Eli Dijkers and Jesse Immanuel Bom. With Jesse I crossed over to filming and directing. For example in the award winning horror 'Lilith.'

More fruits in the timeline below. Thanks for your warm interest.


08-2019 Start of 'The Dream Vehicle'

Taking off on a journey with Anna Witkowska in our long term project, The Dream Vehicle. A roadtrip as a metaphor for life. Where we examine the adult male-female relationship to reach a deeper understanding. Follow our report on Instagram.

TDV poster lowres


05-2019 Linklens Magazine

Honored with an editorial on linklens Paris
2019 LinkLens


07-18 Magnum and BJP professional practice

Attending a two day masterclass on personal projects with Antoine d’Agata at Magnum London.
Photo: Maria Kjartans.

magnum 2018 maria kjartans DSC1399


05-2018 Publication in SHOTS USA

My work published in SHOTS magazine issue 139, Self-Portrait edition.

Rob Verbunt Shots 139


10-2017 Live Someday, exhibition at Gallery DeelenArt

Month-long exhibition at the prestigious DeelenArt gallery in Rotterdam. Showing personal projects in photo and installation together with Tubien van Wulften, Ilco Louis and Nicole Hagesteijn. Read more (Dutch).

Rob Verbunt 9955


02-2016 Exhibition at Rotterdam.Photo 2016 / 1st edition

Participant at Rotterdam.Photo 2016, Katendrecht. Group exhibition with Eli Dijkers, Mike Harris and many more. Cultshot displayed my work throughout the city.

Rob Verbunt 0340


01-2016 Group exhibition Verloren Gevonden at Buddy Netwerk Den Haag

Group exhibition at Buddy Netwerk Den Haag.
'In Verloren Gevonden, Aris Vink, Paul Vos and Rob Verbunt show personal work about how they deal with loss.' Read press release (Dutch).

Rob Verbunt MG 5313


11-2015 Video- and single release 'File_Under'

With File_Under, I was able to combine writing and singing with acting and directing for the video. Film and edit by Jesse Bom. Music by Daan Hebing.
File_Under is available on iTunes and Spotify.

Jesse Bom Rob Verbunt



03-2015 Photoblogging for Oog op Zoetermeer

In spring and summer 2015, I blogged for OogopZoetermeer.nl with daily pictures of my town.

oogopzoetermeer rob v


12-2014 Release Party GUP New Dutch Photography Talent 2015

Selected for the annual GUP book publication 'New Dutch Photography Talent 2015' with 99 other upcoming talents. Order your copy here.

Rob Verbunt NDPT2015
Rob Verbunt 6138


01-2015 Group exhibition 'Het Verlangen' at Galerie Leidse Lente

Exhibition at Galerie Café Leidse Lente, Leiden.

poster verlangen


11-2014 Actor, director in the Award-winning 'Lilith'

For the Dutch 48 Hour Film competition, I was invited to act and direct the horror short Lilith. The film was made in 48 hours by a team of five. It won four awards and had three nominations. Watch it here.
Read article on Preview Magazine (Dutch).

Lilith Poster Nov 14


11-2014 Hellen van Meene Portfolio Review

Reviewed by the renowned Dutch portrait photographer Hellen van Meene.

Rob Verbunt DSC1558


09-2014 Group exhibition 'Huid en Haar' at Galerie Leidse Lente

Exhibition around our direct and physical exposure to the outer world. 'An art exploration on a tactile organ' at Galerie Café Leidse Lente, Leiden.

Rob Verbunt RPTR


06-2014 Furnisher, editor at Heavens, Earth and People

Furnisher and editor of the Heavens, Earth and People exhibition at Gallery Armand Gaasch, Luxembourg. The exhibition was dedicated to the Tohoku flood in 2011 when a tsunami hit the east coast of Japan. Artists Horiren 1st, Serge Ecker and Mayumi Hirata payed tribute with installations, photography and live tattooing.

10441960 788132014551291 3582291951894244029 n


04-2014 Best Interactive show at Museumnight Rotterdam

For Museumnight 2014 Rotterdam at Photo Academy, I drew illustrations on perspex, projected them on visitors and shot their portrait. Favourite sheet was the Japanese dragon painting by Koizumi Junsaku. Photo Academy won the public award for best interactive show. Many thanks to my team, Evita Gelderman and Sylvia Schraven.

Rob Verbunt MN14
2014 Museumnacht Rotterdam


01-2014 Group exhibition 'Helden, Humor, Horror'

Group exhibition 'Helden, Humor, Horror' at Japanmuseum SieboldHuis, Leiden.

Rob Verbunt 1661


12-2013 Award for best artwork/ Exhibition at Japanmuseum SieboldHuis, Leiden

Winner of first prize in the 'Samurai Warrior contest' launched by Japanmuseum SieboldHuis and Galerie Diana Lepelaar in Leiden. Out of 91 entries, the jury was unanimous in choosing: 'A skin to live on'. Read more (Dutch).

Rob Verbunt A Skin To Live On


09-2013 Group exhibition 'Paerlen van de Swijnen'

Group exhibition 'Paerlen van de Swijnen' at De Fruitvis, Rotterdam.

invite pvds


07-2013 Group exhibition 'Beeldenstorm'

Group exhibition 'Beeldenstorm' at 4MKB Zoetermeer - with Eli Dijkers & Jesse Bom. Read press release (Dutch).

Rob Verbunt 3350


01-2013 Graduation exhibition 'Rapture' at Fotogalerie Rotterdam

Graduation exhibition 'Rapture' at Fotogalerie Rotterdam.

Rapture Fotogalerie Rob Verbunt IMG 7413


12-2012 Graduation exhibition 'Rapture'

Graduation exhibition NOIR at De Fruitvis, Rotterdam.

Rob Verbunt Mond 2012


01-2013 Graduation exhibition at De Rotterdamse Schouwburg

Exhibition of 'Rapture' shown on the Mediawall at De Rotterdamse Schouwburg.

rob verbunt 7455


12-2012 Graduation from Photo Academy Rotterdam

Graduated from a three year education at Photo Academy Rotterdam. Photo: Celebration at De Fruitvis with fellow graduates Jesse Immanuel Bom and Eli Dijkers.

Rob Verbunt Noir


05-2012 First collaboration with the muse

After a meetup in april we made an appointment to shoot. We decided she would model for my Photo Academy graduation project Rapture. This image, at the end of our first shooting day was to mark the definitive take off.

Rob Verbunt 1093


06-2011 Solo exhibition and Art lecture at Anders en Meer Rijswijk

Exhibition of collected works at Anders en Meer, Rijswijk for business club Zoete Inval.

Rob Verbunt 8527


06-2010 Masterclass Catwalk Photography at Foam Amsterdam

Selected for Foam_Lab Masterclass Catwalk Photography by Peter Stigter and team.

Rob Verbunt DSC07477


06-2010 Group exhibition 'The Eye' at Fotogalerie Rotterdam

Exhibiting at 'The Eye' at Fotogalerie Rotterdam.
Self portrait, Schiermonnikoog.

Rob Verbunt 10 8404


12-2009 Admitted to Photoacademy Rotterdam

End of 2009, I passed entrance examination at Photo Academy Rotterdam with self knotted rope imagery like shown. My three year course started in january 2010.

Rob Verbunt 4608


05-2008 First rope installation

Bought Self-Life-Death by Araki and got inspired to try out basic rope installation.

Rob Verbunt 08 IMG 0624

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